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Midstate Burglar Bars & Security Doors, Inc. d/b/a Midstate Burglar Bars & Ironworks is a local business located in Montgomery, AL. We have been in business since 1985 and serving Montgomery and surrounding counties. Our philosophy is being honest, dependable and treating each customer with respect and selling our products at a fair price.


Security systems do not prevent burglars from breaking into your home. They only alert the police that your system has gone off. Burglars know you have a system and they know that once they enter your home that they have several minutes to gather up your goods and flee the scene. Do you really think the local burglar is going to hang around until the police gets to you home. Of course not, they will be long gone!

Now that you have a security system you might as well get those cameras too. Cameras do take a nice picture of someone with a mask on or covering their head with whatever but usually not to clear and it's just hard to get that burglar to look up at the camera!! Not a good choose either.

Burglar Bars & Security Doors will simply keep the thieves out of your home. No need to invest in the above stuff. We offer many styles of doors. We know that burglar bars do change to look of your home so we offer interior bars that look like window panes. They really blend into the window grids. Take a look in my product photos.